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Project ideas for [ Google Summer of Code] 2009. Click on the links for detailed information, each category is ordered roughly based on difficulty and required technical knowledge.

== Pd abstraction libraries (mostly or all pure Pd programming) ==
 *[BLOSCLib]: a library of bandwidth-limited oscillators for easier synth building
 *[Undead]: a live-looping abstraction with timestretch, pitchbend, loop points, etc etc
 *[GEMVeeJay]: a basic framework for VJs and live visual artists using GEM
 *[Pure PD Filters]: a library of filters made using pure pd filter primitives
 *[Integra modules]: a library of abstractions for 'live electronic music' for use with the Integra environment
 *[Pd DataViz]: a library of Gem, Pd and Pd data structures abstractions for data visualization
 *[Clustering]: a library abstractions and/or externals for data clustering

== Pd external libraries (C or Tcl programming required) ==
 *[PDSupportVectorMachines]: externals for linear and non-linear SVM classifiers in Pd
 *[ArtificialNeuralNetworksLibrary]: extending Pd's neural network externals with new algorithms and recurrent networks
 *[MoreGUIs]: additional fancy GUI widgets and interfaces for Pd
 *[SpeechRecognitionExternal]: an automatic speech recognition external for Pd
 *[PluginHostLV2]: development of a Pd host for LV2, the new audio plugin standard
 *[VampPluginHost]: development of a Pd host for vamp plugins (algorithms for feature extraction and audio analysis)
 *[[Hid for Windows]]: development of the hid external for windows
 *[[Pd_OpenCV]]: Computer Vision exernals

== Projects which touch Pd internals (C/C++ programming required) ==

 *[Debug64Bit]: Debugging and preparing Pd+externals for the coming 64 bit transition
 *[FixedPointPDa041]: updating embedded Pd-Anywhere from 0.37.4 to the most recent version
 *[StringLibrary]: array-based string.h-style string handling for Pd
 *[PDPWindowsPort]: port the PDP video processing extension to windows
 *[LibPDEngine]: build the Pd source as a library to be embedded in other applications, games, etc.
 *[MultiwindowGem]: multiple and threaded graphic/video output windows for Pd (Gem)

== Projects related to the build system ==

 *[PDextBuildSystem]: revamp the Pd-extended build-system
 *[FlextPdExtendedIntegration]: integrate flext and flext-based externals into Pd-extended (and its autobuild system)
 *[OrganisationAndCategorisationOfPdExtendedExternals]: reorganise and categorise all externals packed with Pd-Extended

 *[ProjectTemplate]: a project template for mentors

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