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Project ideas for Google Summer of Code 2009. Click on the links for detailed information, each category is ordered roughly based on difficulty and required technical knowledge.

Pd abstraction libraries (mostly or all pure Pd programming)

  • BLOSCLib: a library of bandwidth-limited oscillators for easier synth building

  • Undead: a live-looping abstraction with timestretch, pitchbend, loop points, etc etc

  • GEMVeeJay: a basic framework for VJs and live visual artists using GEM

  • Pure PD Filters: a library of filters made using pure pd filter primitives

  • Integra modules: a library of abstractions for 'live electronic music' for use with the Integra environment

  • Pd DataViz: a library of Gem, Pd and Pd data structures abstractions for data visualization

  • Clustering: a library abstractions and/or externals for data clustering

Pd external libraries (C or Tcl programming required)

Projects which touch Pd internals (C/C++ programming required)

  • Debug64Bit: Debugging and preparing Pd+externals for the coming 64 bit transition

  • FixedPointPDa041: updating embedded Pd-Anywhere from 0.37.4 to the most recent version

  • StringLibrary: array-based string.h-style string handling for Pd

  • PDPWindowsPort: port the PDP video processing extension to windows

  • LibPDEngine: build the Pd source as a library to be embedded in other applications, games, etc.

  • MultiwindowGem: multiple and threaded graphic/video output windows for Pd (Gem)

Projects related to the build system

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