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=== Possible Mentors ===

 *Georg Holzmann
 *Ben Bogart

=== Description ===

 Pd has already an external collection called ann, which has support for feedforward networks
 and a basic self organizing map (SOM).
 The code of pds current neural network library can be found [ here].

There are two goals of this project:

 *extend the Pd bindings to the Fast Artificial Neural Network library ([ FANN]) and include new FANN features like self organizing maps, growing neural gas and etc.

 *add support for recurrent neural networks (reservoir computing networks, ESN), which are very well suited for time series processing, and create Pd bindings to the [ aureservoir library]

Resources to start:

 * : a tutorial on how to write C externals for pure data

 * :    the current artificial neural network code of pd

 * : documentation of the aureservoir library

 * : tutorial of the  FANN library

=== Required Skills ===

 *C/C++ programming

 *interest in artificial neural networks

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