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    * SINP The PDDP workshops cover all the areas PD is strong at dealing with. These areas are interleaved so that ideas from networks and graphics are kept in mind when they do sound and physical media.

    * Examples are always tied to a workThroughProject

    * Use high-level [objects] along side low-level [objects] for a top-down and bottom-up at the same time approach. 

    * The tutorial should be both a lecture and an interactive PD patch at the same time. The installation manual should not be an interactive patch. (since PD would have to already be installed)

    * After novice intro each page should imply a problem that the next page solves. Same goes for each isolated example of object usage on the same page. 

    * focus on problem solving for a specific project/idea

    * ALL objects in an example patch/exercise should have already been introduced.

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