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There is growing interest in teaching Pd as a programming platform in University-level courses.  

The first course of record is taught by Koray Tahiroglu at    the "Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki": .  It is a follow up course to an introductory workshop, covering a wide range of topics in Pd.

"Composing with Pure Data II":/Members/korayt/longtermcoursekuva/

Hans-Christoph Steiner is currently developing an undergrad class at "Polytechnic University": with the aim of teaching Digital Media students advanced methods of interfacing with humans using Pd.


"PedroLopes":/Members/PedroLopes/home is currently at "Hasso Plattner Institut": and teaches a class on Dataflow Programming and Signal Processing with Pure Data, on "Prof. Patrick Baudisch's": Human Computer Interaction class #2. 

This is the first sketch for a Pd-specific programming class


Related Courses

 Here are the syllabi of some Pd and Max/MSP classes which might be of some use:

Miller Puckette's Computer Music I @ "CRCA/UCSD":  --

Miller Puckette's Computer Music II @ "CRCA/UCSD":  --

ELEN E4896 Music Signal Processing @ "Electrical Engineering - Columbia University ": --

Josh Goldberg's Vision and Sound with Max @ "Parsons": --

Dan Palkowski's Digital Audio Synthesis Techniques/MIDI @ "ITP/NYU": --

Luke DuBois's Computer Music Synthesis @ "Music Tech/NYU": --

Musical Communication and Music Technology @ "Speech, Music and Hearing Dept, Royal Technical College, Sweden": --

Koray Tahiroglu's Physical Interaction Design @ "VCD Istanbul Bilgi University":  --  

Hans-Christoph Steiner's Physical Interaction Design @ "Integrated Digital Media Institute, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, New York": -- 

<b>Koray Tahiroglu's Computer Generated Music @ "Music Department of Istanbul Bilgi University":  </b>
Tom Erbe's "Music 172. Computer Music ll" @ "UCSD's Department of Music": --

Bill Verplank, Michael Gurevich, Max Mathews and Sook Young Won's "Music 250 - Physical Interaction Design for Music" @ "CCRMA Stanford University": --

Adrian Moore and Dave Moore's "Creative Applications of Music Technology" @ "University of Sheffield Sound Studios": --

Dave Moore's "Intermediate Digital Studio" @ "University of Sheffield Sound Studios": --

Dave Moore's "Advanced Digital Studio" @ "University of Sheffield Sound Studios": --

Adrian Moore's "Introduction to Studio Techniques" @ "University of Sheffield Sound Studios": --

Hans-Christoph Steiner's "Dataflow Audio Programming" @ "Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York University": --

Other Dataflow Languages

 It might be useful to touch on other dataflow languages in order to compare the structures and how each one is organized.  Here is a list of relevant dataflow languages,  many of which are limited in terms of languages.

"Labview": -- Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench

"Max/MSP": -- Pd's sister language

VEE -- 

Sanscript -- 

Dataflow language article

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