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This is the page that shows the parts of the PDDP project and associated tasks.

  • Working Document
    • Aims to distill everything we have already decided into a document for new member to get up to speed as well as a backup of our memories.
    • How should this document be structured?
  • Software:
  • Templates:
    • HelpTemplate (*-help.pd) DraftReferenceDesigns
    • AboutTemplate? (*-about.pd) DraftAboutDesigns
    • TutorialTemplate? (*-tutorial.pd) DraftTutorialDesigns?
    • Tasks:
      • (bbogart) Make a new page for the final -help and -about patches.
      • (bbogart) Work on tutorial template based on HCS's tutorials in CVS.
  • Curriculum Structure
    • SINP (Sound/Image/Network/Physical) IntroWorkshopSeries
    • WorkThrough? Projects WorkThroughProjectIdeas
    • 2-Day, 5-Day, and 10 Day workshops.
    • Installation Guide (not an interactive patch!)
    • Tasks
      • Look at and evaluate the tutorials Hans made in CVS.
      • Create more WorkThroughProjectIdeas and eventually create WorkThroughProjects? when we have a good set for the intro workshop.
      • Match SINP Units to workThrough projects
      • Check out existing materials for "installation guide"
  • Teacher's Guide (Implement Curriculum)
  • Evaluation
    • Reports from instructors teaching PDDP workshops
    • Survey: Multiple choice for students to give feedback on a workshop in 15min or less. Should this be tied to the curriculum, so S gets a different focused survey than N? Sounds like a lot of work... One survey at the end of the workshop is best.
    • Tasks:
      • (bbogart) Develop student survey
      • Template for instructor reports?

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