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Time: 2007-10-01 23:39:01
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<h1>PDDP September 18th 2007</h1>11:00am to 12:46pm

IRC log:

<span style="font-size:large">Agenda</span>:
<ul><li dir="ltr">Tasks from last week updated.
</li><li dir="ltr">Matju would like to discuss how documentation could work for a class of objects, rather than each one individually.
</li><li dir="ltr">Update of grant discussions
</li><li dir="ltr">Update of templates, The reference and Wiki templates should be signed off at this meeting</li></ul>
<span style="font-size:large">Tasks</span> from last meeting
<ul><li dir="ltr">Wiki Stuff (SPAM and Titles)
<ul><li dir="ltr">Page titled Solved
</li><li dir="ltr">SPAM stuff deffered until actualy installation of wiki

</li></ul></li><li dir="ltr">templates
<ul><li dir="ltr">Marius made a method for styling templates</li></ul></li></ul>

Tasks or Next Meeting
<ul><li dir="ltr">Ben will put diagram on the wiki. and email it.
</li><li dir="ltr">PDDP template (Hans)
<ul><li dir="ltr">Accept HC's #12, 
</li><li dir="ltr">Add Marius's receive names to canvases
</li><li dir="ltr">Make section spacing match "more info"  so that the content starts below the implied line underneath the header title. 

</li><li dir="ltr">Add generic legend to show which inlet "0" is.
</li><li dir="ltr">Have the comments all start on one implied line
</li><li dir="ltr">Shorten canvas tail for inlet labels
</li><li dir="ltr">Inlet(s) and Outlet(s) always.
</li><li dir="ltr">Based on these changes we agreed this is the PDDP temlate!!!
</li><li dir="ltr">Hans will finalize these changes and put it on the wiki.
</li></ul></li><li dir="ltr">Naming Scheme page: <a href=""></a></li></ul>

PDDP Meeting 11:00 October 2nd
DMLC Meeting on skype on September 25th

Ben will put the meetings on the wiki, and a page for DMLC stuff. 

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