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PDDP Notes Jan 17th 2006


Creative projects that a tutorial refers to in order to go through the whole process of concept to implimentation. The entire class will go through these projects step-by-step during course time, with the instructor leading the students through it. Everything in the workshop relates to the workThrough project that is associates with that particular tutorial. If the workThrough project does not make use of all four modules then each tutorial could have multiple projects that together make use of sound/image/network/physical.

Each project has a rating that shows how much knoledge/experience the user needs to have in order to not get lost in the project. It is not based on the technical complexity of the project but how the instructor intends to teach it.

Each project will be designed to require a certain number of workshop days to accomplish. Simple projects could be one day, complex ones could be 3-4 days. Projects should not exceed 4 days, with one day per module (image/sound/phys/network).

Note: make a "pddp_module" page so that the work "pddp_module" links to that page for definition. This should be done for all the PDDP terms (workThrough, all-about, etc..)

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