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PDDP Meeting Dec 19th 2005


  • Encourage code sharing
  • patching style
  • implimentation vs creation (abstraction design)

Content Ideas:

  • An assignment for students in the higher levels is to create a high-level abstraction. This abstraction is meant to solve the problem of either A: A fellow students creative problem or B: provide more high-level abstractions for lower-level students. This would benifit the students by:
    • Students learn to describe the problem they are solving.
    • Students learn to communicate that problem to one and other.
    • Students are encouraged to make use of the efforts of others.
    • Enourages students to look at problems from other points of view.

What is the Purpose of these workshops?

  • Learn Pure-Data?
  • Create media outside the context of commercial markets?
  • To get back some freedom and genuine experience?
  • Is the purpose of the workshops not the same as the purpose of PD itself?

Workshop Draft (partical)

Level 1 (Intro)

  • Image
    • Loading a still image (high-level, window&file hidden)
    • Using a numberbox to control the size of the image
    • Loading a video clip (same abstraction as above)
    • Using number box to scrub video frames
    • Using metro to control clip playback
  • Sound
    • Load a sound file (high-level, table&soundfiler hidden)
    • Play sound file back with phasor~
    • Srub sound file with numberbox
    • Create sound (high-level FM abstraction?)
    • Change sound quality with numberbox
  • Network
    • Read MIDI values (simple MIDI abstraction)
    • Add midi control to control frame of video & tone of FM synth
  • Physical Media
    • HW interface (serial&processing hidden)
    • push-button advances frame and triggers sound-file.

Level 2 (less Intro)

  • Image
    • High level PDP patch that has three abstractions:
      • load an image file
      • blur effect
      • output to window

Homework Assignment For Developers (Due next PDDP Meeting slated for January 9th 2006)

Today we talked about extending the concept of the project based workshop into the workshop materials themselves. That is each level of a workshop (above we have level 1 layed out and level 2 is particially done) is brought home by using a different project example. That is each level would have a creative project already developed that would serve to inspire the students individual projects, as well as give meaning and context to the technical details (implimentation)

So for your assignment you need to create a project idea that:

  • Fits in with a particular level of the workshop (level 1 is introduction and level n is advanced. Just choose a number from 1-10 to describe the level of the project.
  • The project should be pretty simple in terms of concept and as technical as your chosen level allows.
  • Require as few externals as possible
  • The project has to be feasible
  • The project has to be inspiring!
  • Ideally it will encompass all four threads, image/sound/network/physical

For the next meeting on January 9th 2006 all PDDP contributers should have developed a project concept and implimentation that could work as teaching material.

An example project from my Metaphorical Networks lecture is:


  • As the sun rises an eye opens


  • An LDR connects to a multiIO which reads the voltage
  • We read this value and scale it to 0-100
  • The 0-100 value controls which frame a video of an eye opening is playing.

Yes this example only has visual and physical media.

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