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PDDP Meeting Nov 29th 2005

Looked at template 8b and agreed it is good.

Minor changes:

* Add a back button for page turning

* make the colours more pale

HCS will post his ideal colours for the template and we'll compromise.
HCS will make a mockup of the all_about content and BB will design a
template for it, based on the template 8b style, with the probable
layout of template 6. Aiming to have a draft for the -about.pd patch by
next week.

We agreed that having a number of flexible categories is best, we can
also include misc sub-folders for catch all. again the purpose of this
"browser" is for a learner to get a lay of what modules are available
and what is possible. The searching tools will be used much more often.
"video" will match all the different ways of using video in PD.

Talked a bit about bottom-up and top-down approaches to teaching PD.
posted some comments to the philosophy wiki:


Will talk primarily about philosophy next week.

The turn-out was quite a bit smaller today, which means it was easy to
decide on things. If you'd like your opinion known in terms of how PD
documentation & workshops are developing come to the meeting!

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