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This is a page for notes on what has been included and what still needs to happen for the next Pd-extended release: 0.44. Report any bugs or comments to the pd-list.

Thanks to Hans-Christoph Steiner for all the initial work on Pd-extended.


  • Miller Puckette

  • Jonathan Wilkes (knows a lot about Pd / Pd-l2ork - willing to work on it)

  • Seb Shader (knows a bit about c / tcl)

  • Dan Wilcox (knows a lot about pd - might have some time?)

  • Patrick (willing to compile / QA)

  • Ivica Bukvic (knows how to tweak Pd - busy on Pd-l2ork)

  • IOhannes? m zmoelnig (knows a lot about Pd - busy)

  • Hans-Christoph Steiner (knows a lot about Pd-extended - busy)

These are the kinds of work that needs to be done in Pd-extended

  • update the libraries to the latest version, and test them

  • pull in relevant commits from pd-vanilla (you can't just pull them all in because vanilla does the GUI stuff differently, and Pd-extended has promised pixel-exact sizing on all platforms for a few releases now).

  • fix platform-specific bugs

  • finish splitting out all the core objects into standalone library (this is mostly done, that makes it a lot easier to keep pd-extended's core updated with pd-vanilla commits since all of the objects are a separate library that is taken directly from vanilla).

What can you do

Code contributions are of course key. For people who don't do C, another way of getting work done is raising money to pay someone to do it. I'm (Hans-Christoph Steiner) happy to advise anyone who wants to take any of this on.


Code diffs

  • Miller->Hans I remember seeing a series of patches (code diffs I mean) that made the necessary changes to Pd vanilla to Pd extended - does anyone know if these still exist?

  • Hans->Miller I haven't checked the status of any of those patches in a long time. I posted many in the patch tracker, did those get included? I used to maintain the pd-extended git repo as a branch that always showed the pd-extended changes as a series of commits on top of Pd-vanilla's git. That is called the 'patch_series' branch in the pd-extended.git. But then so many of my patches did not get accepted, I abandoned that approach since it was too much work. More recently, I reversed it, treating vanilla's git as a source of patches for Pd-extended.



As for the auto-build servers, I think only the Debian ones are still running. The Windows one was on a server that died, and the OSX was an old laptop that is basically dead. It was running 10.5 anyway.

For anyone who can set up a Windows and/or OSX build machine, they were super helpful for maintaining cross-platform compatibility. Here are the docs:

These all have some info, but need work:


We have #dataflow on irc, but I think it would be nice to kick-off this project using Hangout / Skype / ... I am also open to any externals tools like basecamp but free (to keep the todo list, questions etc...

Proposal / Ideas

A core idea of having a standard format for libraries is to make them easily packaged and distributed. There are lots of libraries that follow, so the next step is for someone to make something like as the central repo of libraries that includes an update/download tool.

changes since 0.43.4

  • added/updated translations: Greek (el), Korean (ko)

  • save symbols with spaces properly #2947822

  • (Mac OS X) support for Tk/Cocoa for improved drawing performance

  • (Mac OS X) updated ffmpeg and included WebM and Dirac codecs

  • (Windows) Jack Audio supported using Jack for Windows

planned features

  • improved escaping throughout Pd so you can use spaces, etc.

  • Debian/Ubuntu releases as one-library-per-package (in progress)

  • xapian documentation search engine

  • TkDND drag-n-drop support on all platforms

  • complete 64-bit builds on all platforms

  • (Mac OS X) Navigate menus with arrow keys

  • (Mac OS X) key commands don't work with Caps Lock on

  • (GNU/Linux) smoothing out Jack (for now, check "use callbacks")

planned for 0.45

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