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[13:27] <_thomas_> Hello! I'm working for Google Summer of Code on a Video IO framework for pd/gem (if you don't know what this is, 
  I'll explain it) and found out that gstreamer is able to do nearly everything I would need. But for that I have many questions, so 
  does someone has time now to answer a few?
[13:27] --> cymacs hat den Kanal betreten (
[13:29] <wtay> _thomas_, yes
[13:30] <_thomas_> fine, thanks!
[13:32] <_thomas_> first one: is it even possible to use gstreamer for such things, because it would run asynconous to pd 
  (pd has its own scheduler and gstreamer has its own scheduler)
[13:33] <wtay> what do you need? get frames?
[13:33] <_thomas_> yes
[13:35] <wtay> the easiest would be to make a simple sink with a method to get the next frame
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[13:41] <_thomas_> ok, and that would be no problem making this in gstreamer
[13:42] <wtay> no, I think appsink is supposed to do that but I'm not sure
[13:42] <_thomas_> ok i will look at this
[13:42] <MikeS> wtay: paqui?
[13:43] <wtay> MikeS, sorry, not today, went yesterday..
[13:43] <MikeS> boo!
[13:43] <MikeS> You lie! It was closed yesterday
[13:45] <_thomas_> second one: what is the best way to make a connection with my application (pd)? WOuld it be better to make 
  a hack ( like described in the manual in chapter 18.2) or would it be better tomake a own static plugin?
[13:46] <_thomas_> where occur less problems and what is more efficient
[13:46] <wtay> MikeS, on monday, yes
[13:46] <MikeS> then how about today?
[13:47] <wtay> _thomas_, I would say that it is nicer to make a static plugin
[13:47] <wtay> _thomas_, clutter also has an example sink
[13:47] <_thomas_> ok I thought that.
[13:48] <_thomas_> And how good does gstreamer work on osx and win?
[13:48] <_thomas_> Does there work everything as good as in linux?
[13:51] <wtay> it seems to work fine
[13:53] <_thomas_> and are there some autopluggers avaliable so that I don't have to care about the platform?
[13:54] <wtay> for playback only the sinks are platform dependent
[13:55] <wtay> for capture, you probably have to do something smart
[13:59] <_thomas_> and what smart thing would that be?
[14:00] <wtay> I think you have to query the registry for elements with Class Source/Video
[14:00] <wtay> or Source/Audio
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[14:05] <_thomas_> what do you think which autoplugger modules I should use for getting this functionality:
[14:06] <_thomas_> -stream/file reader+demuxer+decoder (so that also streams+rtsp, dvd, files etc work)
[14:06] <_thomas_> device reader (firewire, v4l and same on win, osx)
[14:07] <wtay> I would recommend playbin with a custom audio/video sink
[14:08] <_thomas_> ok, and then writing functionality for:
[14:09] <_thomas_> stream/file write (also for icecast, rtsp etc)
[14:09] <_thomas_> and device write (dv - does this work on all platforms?)
[14:10] <wtay> icecast works, the others don't work
[14:10] <wtay> I don't think DV read is supported on anything else than linux
[14:11] <_thomas_> but on linux dv write and read is supported?
[14:11] <wtay> dv write is not supported
[14:12] <sjoerd> fwiw I've got some old probably bitrotten elements around..
[14:12] <sjoerd> to support dv write
[14:12] <sjoerd> and magically firewire plugging
[14:15] <_thomas_> do you mean you got dv write working?
[14:16] <sjoerd> Yes, but i'm not sure the code still works.. But it's probably a good starting point if you really 
  need dv writing to firewire devices
[14:17] <_thomas_> yes I would need it, that would be great!
[14:17] <-- cymacs hat den Server verlassen.
[14:18] <sjoerd> hmmm, it's still gst0.8, i thought it was already 0.10
[14:18] <sjoerd> So it does need forward porting
[14:18] <sjoerd>
[14:19] <wtay> sjoerd, doesn't it also need a DV encoder?
[14:19] <sjoerd> wtay: We used it to write dv streams from the network to a dv firewire device... But yeah if you want 
  to do other stuff you'll need a dv encoder
[14:21] <sjoerd> Hmmm, doesn't libdv also do encoding ?
[14:22] <_thomas_> yes afaik it does
[14:22] <sjoerd> then it's just not wrapped in the dv plugin..
[14:22] <sjoerd> ffmpeg does have a dv encoder though..
[14:22] <wtay> ah right
[14:23] <_thomas_> so you think it would be no great thing to make dv writing work?
[14:24] <sjoerd> ``no great thing'' ? You mean it'd be great to have or hard to do ?
[14:25] <_thomas_> I mean it would not be me hard to do?
[14:25] <_thomas_> sorry
[14:25] <_thomas_> it would not be hard to do?
[14:26] <sjoerd> Depending on your C knowledge, it shouldn't be too hard
[14:27] <zaheerm> it shouldn't be hard, no
[14:28] <_thomas_> ok, good. then I'll mabe try to make it...
[14:28] <_thomas_> another question: whats about colorspace conversions
[14:29] <_thomas_> can gstreamer make color conversions when I nees it?
[14:30] <sjoerd> Just inserting a ffmpegcolorspace element will do that for you if needed
[14:30] <_thomas_> eg from YUV to RGB or so
[14:30] <_thomas_> but only with ffmpeg?
[14:30] <sjoerd> the naming is confusing for historical reasons
[14:30] <_thomas_> ok
[14:31] *** hds-afk nennt sich jetzt hadess.
[14:32] <_thomas_> and for win and mac:
[14:33] <_thomas_> am I really able to read/write with quicktime/directshow in gstreamer as good as in linux
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[14:46] <_thomas_> does noone knows something about?
[14:51] <PecisDarbs> _thomas_: I guess it depends on elements, which are in alfa/beta levels imho
[14:51] <PecisDarbs> _thomas_: in resume, not yet
[14:54] <_thomas_> that means with the stable version I'm not able to write and read so much different file formats etc. 
  in windows and osx as I am able in Linux?
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[15:02] <_thomas_> ok, thanks for the help and I'll come again if I have further questions.

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