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= Development Wiki =

Pd is developed by the community. Join us.

While the core of Pd is basically written by Miller Puckette, who takes patches from the Pd community, most of the Pd developer activity is outside of the core in the form of abstractions, 'external' objects, GUI enhancements, APIs, etc.  This is the key to what makes Pd so powerful: the wealth of code provided by the community built around a solid core.

So in order to bring all of the this together and create all-inclusive packages, the version control repositories were created, see [ Getting Pd Source].  All developers who write code for or with Pd are encouraged to contribute their code to the repository and maintain their code there so that anyone can create an up-to-the-minute Pd install by downloading the code from the repository and compiling it using the build system of their platform.

== Pages for Specific Projects ==

These wiki pages are places to explore certain ideas before and while they are being implemented.
 *Pd-extended community version:
 *Video IO Framework (Google SOC): [VideoIO]
 *Pure Data Documentation Project:
 *Working on clearer definitions: [PdDefinitions]
 *Developing a Pd curriculum for universities:
 *Ideas for improvements of the GUI: [GuiIdeas]
 *Designing namespaces for Pd: [PdNamespaces]
 *layout of standard libraries: [PdLibraries]
 *search path for loading libraries: [PdSearchPath]
 *Web Page development wiki:
 *TODO Notes for the Next Release: [NextRelease]
 *Ideas for a [ModularBuildSystem]
 *[ Google Summer of Code]
 *code snippets for Pd: [codeSnippets]

== Developer Services ==

 *[ Sourceforge Project Page]
 *[ Bug Tracker]
 *[ Patch Tracker]
 *[ Source repository]
 *[ Developer Documentation]
 *[ Nightly Builds]
 *[ Software Center] is place to put and get software

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