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  The goal of !RRADicalPd is to create a collection of patches, that make Pd easier and
faster to use for people who are more used to software like Reason or
Reaktor. For that I would like to create patches, that solve
real-world problems on a higher level of abstraction than the standard
Pd objects do. All these high level abstractions should come with
(detachable and changable) GUIs built in and must use a common way of
saving states. That's were pool came in.

So for example instead of a basic lop~ low pass filter something more
complete like a recreation of the Sherman filter bank should be
included in that collection. My sseq and angriff patches followed this
idea in general, but there are much more patches needed.


 - a sample player (adapt Gyre?)
 - Various OSC/LFO with preset waveforms
 - drum machine
 - guitar simulator
 - grain sample player
 - more sequencers
 - basically a lot of things like these things in "Reason":

Not that I want to make Pd be Reason, no way. But pre-fabricated
high-level abstractions are what I want to collect because I see a use
for it.

RRAD as an acronym stands for "Reusable and Rapid Audio Development" or
"Reusable and Rapid Application Development", if it includes non-audio patches.
with Pd. RRADical Pd will (very likely) be presented at the next Linux Audio
Developer conference in Germany at the end of April so there is still some time
to actually make it take off before.


  Read more about the BrainStorming that's currently going on.


  "Structured Text":

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