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Time: 2006-12-20 12:40:27
Note: /pd/pd/portal_catalog/manage_catalogRebuild

There have been some ideas circulating on the PdMailingList about a
"Web Site about the use of pd" - generally speaking we are missing
a forum to share pd patches and to announce or document our
works done with pd. I put this quotation from *Nicolas Lhommet*  at the list as a starting point:

  ![...] I'm always thinking "It would be nice to get
 a lot of examples from the different users, and i'm sure someone else has
 done this or that before". It's nice to re-invent the wheel, it helps you to
 understand better, but sometimes, I would like to go on an website, click on
 "users/generic/reverbs" and find fifty differents reverb patches, with a
 little description of each patch and the mail adress to contact the person.
 Or "external/control" to find an external for joystick control. The Pure
 Data Base is a search engine so you can't easily access to the whole list of
 files with arborescence.
 A website which collects informations about a lot of projects, with patches
 (even buggy), would be nice. And why not : collected informations about
 specific soundcard/system, like "I got a Soundblaster AWE64 with Redhat 6.2,
 I got glitches, but with options "- frags 5 -fragsize 11" and OSS drivers,
 it's allright". And a big links page with different sections : projects,
 external, sound drivers, useful signal theory, ...
 Yes, we got "Miller's page":, "":, "":,
"Guenther Geiger's links page":
 but I think it could be a good idea to centralize this
 a bit more, and we should try to find the best way to share our knowledge
 about Pd.

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