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!!Starting Pd - fine tuning under Windows

This is a documentation of how to start Pd under Windows.

For the first beginning, you will start Pd either by clicking on "pd.exe" in C:\directory\of\my\PD\bin or by typing "pd" to your command-shell/dos-shell. The latter still makes sense if you prefer for example a special size of the shell or when reading error-messages (the shell stays opened).

But very soon this is boring and also you will have to set some flags like sample-rate, paths, additional libraries and so on. Therefore you create a batch-file. This is a simple textfile (created with an editor like notepad) but has the extension ".bat" like startpd.bat. You save the whole pd-command there and when you click on it (or call it in the shell) the batch-file is executed.

A pd-start.bat can look like: (type without enter)

c:\path\to\pd\bin\pd -nomidiout -nomidiin -path c:\mypd\mypatches;c:\mypd\extra; c:\mypd\fs;c:\lab\framestein\externals -lib c:\mypd\zexy\zexy;joystick;xsample;vst %1

So, you can do with just one "-path" and separate paths with semicolons, same with -lib. Also, -lib will use the paths you specified, so no need to type them again.

Finally I would recommend to edit the preferences for all *.pd-files. You can do this in your windows-explorer in extras - properties. Add a new type (PD) and set the advanced properties. (maybe you have to reset the old properties before you can see the advanced button).

There you can set different rules for opening. The standard process is usually "open" but you can also create eg. "open dac only", "edit", or whatever. (For different commands you will need different batchfiles, or for edit select an texteditor). The standard command will later be run by double-klicking on a *.pd-file, all non-standard commands can be selected by right-clicking on it. Important is to add the "%1" at the end of the batch-file which will be substituted by the filename being opened.

I also created a program icon for me, but I am no graphic designer, if someone has a better idea or if there is an official pd-logo please send it to me.

pd1.ico (right klick save as, IE doesnot show this graphic correctly..)

pdpatch.ico (thanks to Juha Vehvilšinen for that and for his helps on starting commands!)

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