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Time: 2006-12-20 12:40:27
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OK ......... we're doing it again:

sorry for the _very_ short notice, this is planned
in a more workshop like manner, so people are encouraged
to bring their own gear/sw and give presentations or
get together in groups to tackle various fields, later
that night it would be great to have an AV jamsession.

more ideas ?%%%

externals with flext, adding play direction support to readanysf~ ?%%%
thomas are you coming ? I'd like to demo py/pyext would be more fun with you ...%%%
supercollider on linux ? %%%
sc,osc, and pd ? %%%
pdp_visuals ? %%%

as usual pd,"j":jmax"/msp":/msp,sc,csound etc... users are all
welcome + people who want to learn about these tools.


pure date #6  ---- (next to kunsthalle)
on thursday 10.07.03
I suggest a relatively early beginning (around 17:00 probably ?)



ev. wäre es eine möglichkeit sich am
samstag im schikanederkino "elektronische schwingungen" zu treffen,
sonst: mittwoch im rhiz ist immer gut???
wer kommt, wer weiß was anderes?

marius (9.1.03).

  NEWS: no entrance fee will be charged, this eliminates the need
        to contact me for the guestlist (you can of course contact
        me anyway to tell me you're coming so we have an idea about
        how many we'll be)^

  OK OK es ist soweit, next stammtisch 11.12. again

  hope many of you find time to join,
             ca. 18:00 (ok?) informal gathering, nerd talk
             ca. 21:00       compressed music by burn those idle cycles
             ca: 22:00       live: tribbeldam (check out
             ca. 23:00       live: (definitely!!!) staubsauger (.ch)
             ca: 24:00       either compressed music again or a jamsession ?

  anyone interested in doing visuals ? please let me ( know

  we might have to charge at the entrance, so please contact me directly for
  guestlist (pders should get in free I feel)

don't miss those pd stammtisch groovy pictures by d13!

if there is no one who takes care about it i would like to
do some GEM stuff on the 27th, bad thing is that i can not promise
anything because around this date my girlfriend and i will get a baby,
so dont put me on the announcer -

me too - if there is a list or something like that, put me on it, please
"" just came here by chance...

'''will there be another stammtisch?''' i would like to be informed -
tnx norbert

YES!! YES!! is proud to announce the pure data stammtisch @ rhiz on the
27th of march, if anyone would like to present sth. _and_ it should be
in the programm I'd need to know by tomorrow night ... the program is
printed on monday. If not - nevermind I suggest we meet around 7p.m.
if anyone wants to showcase some sonic/visual treats using pd we're
flexible, if we all decide just to have a few drinks and a chat the sucker djs will serve the usual crap starting around 9:30
if I can talk my partner or d13b into it there should be some live
action too - it also looks like this could develop into some sort of
jour fixe.

*oliver? pure data ensemble ?
*/me?    pdj (remote controlling alsaplayer using records && pd)
*d13b?   do it again? s.a. -> oliver
*martin? a "burn those idle cycles" gig ?
*n:      can sync in with "improved" rAnDoMSliCer

(x "this is not vi this is nottxa vi" a.k.a CK)

 Am Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2002 18:58 schrieb CK:

p.s.: how about a viennese pure data stammtisch next week ?

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