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PDDP stands for Pure Data Documentation Project. It was proposed by Kryzstof Czaja and I decided to get involved immediately. I chose to focus on the task of revising and extrapolating on the existing Pd reference documents found in the pd/doc/5.reference/ folder. I understand the Miller Puckette and others who develop Pd and its externals are busy doing just that and I felt that I could lend a hand to improve the documentation that accompanies Pd native objects and their usage.

As a result, I maintain my own web site,, and this portion of the WikiWikiWeb? where you can find and download these newly renovated "help" documents.

If you want to download the zip file and begin exploring the documents immediately then click on either of the following links:

Or if you'd like the option to download just a few select files, then visit where you'll find a complete list (with descriptions) of the reference files that I have revised and updated.

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