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* - The homepage of PD author MillerPuckette - featuring the latest releases of PD at and the "official" PD documentation at

* - the pd pages at the IEM (Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustic, University of Music and Dramatic Arts) featuring download area, the PdMailingList (archives and subscription page) the PureDataBase

* - PD programming conventions for large patches to be shared with other users

* - japanese translation of Pure Data Org

* - home of MarkDanks, author of GEM, the GraphicsEnvironmentForMultimedia? - home of GuenterGeiger?, author of ggee, the Debian/Linux port of PD and GEM (gemee)- and there is also the most complete *Pure Data Link Page - so i dont have to continue here :-)

* - Yet another PD wiki in Japanese.

* - japanese translation of HTML PD document.

! Pure Data Community site * - this is the old at its new address. Contains member pages/patches/documentation/tips and a bunch of great stuff

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