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"PD" stands for Pure Data and is a graphical Computer Music System written by  Miller S. Puckette.

It works in a similar way as Max (A Computer Music and MIDI system for the Macintosh from Opcode) or jMax from IRCAM.

PD is open source software, it is free for any use and can be downloaded from the internet. PD runs on Win32, IRIX, Mac OS X and LINUX platforms.

It is easy to extend PD with third-party plug-ins (so-called "externals"). Many collections of externals (so-called "libraries") are already available.

for further information please check:

* "Software by Miller S. Puckette":

* "PureData at IEM: Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics Graz":

* "Pure Data Dot Org :: The Pd User Community":/

* "PdWiki":/community/pdwiki

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