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! 2nd meeting: Staminee31, nov 15 2003, Vooruit Café, 14u-19u.

user meeting focusing on humanoid - machine interaction. meet your favorite developer, learn how to solder nano-electronics, explore your inner digital soul, have a beer, have two...

|---sory, dutch only:

PDStaminee? is het fysiek samenkomen (want het gebeurt meestal alleen in cyberspace)van computerfreaks die geďnteresseerd zijn in het raakvlak van computertechnologie en kunst. Een boel mensen zijn er volop mee bezig, meestal thuis! Hoewel er veel internetcontact is tussen gelijkgestemde zielen, is het toch interessant om af en toe een echte samenkomst te organiseren. Het is het uitgelezen moment om te tonen wie wat doet en en wie waar eventueel strop zit, het samenkomen geeft ruimte om ervaringen uit te wisselen, en het kan leiden tot nieuwe samenwerkingen. Gelijkaardige rendez-vous bestaan al in De Waag in Amsterdam (Anatomix) en in Brussel met Code31. De Gentse Staminee's gaan niet met vaste regelmaat door, naargelang de mogelijkheden om gasten uit te nodigen, worden ze samengeroepen. iets in die aard Voor deze gelegenheid werken ze samen met Code31. Zij trekken voor een dag naar Gent. Vandaar Staminee31. Pd ontmoet max, Of hoe nieuwe mensen met andere technologieen in contact te brengen. Wees in elk geval welkom op zaterdag 15/11 voor de eerste aflevering.

---end dutch---|

code31 brings their 'Code Comunications Camp': True to their nature, Code 31 will embark on yet another exciting and unpredictable experiment. Provided with a special number Staminee31 visitors are able to dial into the Code 31 head quarters and send information (be that sms, voice or image). This data serves as source material for Code 31, and will be processed, synthesised, analysed, manipulated and subsequently returned to the sender.

coming: - kurt

  • mik (sorry, couldn't make it)
  • johannes taelman
  • yournamehere


Sat Nov 15th 14-21Hr.


Vooruit: in the café


They'll provide electricity, heating, mixer&speakers, tv monitors, LAN (with wireless connection), netconnection, publicity ... We could do some streaming stuff,...


Who would be interested? Who would come? Who would do what?

expressions of interest

I'm sorry, I won't make it. (Forgot an important birthday party that weekend...) Have fun. (Will there be streams??) --FrankBarknecht

Maybe we can do a XBox?-linux-PD-rats-nest? --j#|@

i'll be there. mprims

---- !!______________________________________________________ ! 1st meeting

First meeting is history. Here are some pictures:


Exclusive footage of Gerard's joystick in action (in a pdp-friendly format):

who's interested?

It's a good idea to put your email adres here.

  • j#|@ (johannes.taelman(a) kurt ( tom kristof ( mik ( xgz_osx derek AT (+ other a'dam folks, maybe...) bas ward ( bert ( gerard ( tim ( Frank Gert pieter * ivan_vj&rodri_dj (maybe) (insert your name here)

    where? Makelaarsstraat 13 (check your favorite route-planner) (public transport: Train till Gent St-Pieters then Tram 40 till Muidebrug)

-- Thanx, kurt!

when: May 4th, 15.00Hr

available infrastructure

  • electricity internet (cable) + hub plenty of room coffee & drinks pasta? - as you can read in the futurist cookbook, we are against pasta! beamer mixer

    things to bring

laptop? power strips? UTP cable?


  • linuXbox for pd sound and video synthesis using pdp, the holistic approach network performances, what tools and where to get them (made) sensors and inputs over usb/ethernet/wireless - what readymade solutions? different platforms, different brands, different libs, ... goodstyle tips for patching links to other web servers copy from previous author modbus PD external coding: * anything else


  • are complete newbies (using pd 2 weeks now) allowed? >> more than welcome !
  • what about coders ? anybody having experience programming externals for PD ?
  • what kind of mixer is there ? (how any channels , BTW amplifier and speakers aren't mentioned, I assume they are there, but how many? any chance for surround sound?)

>> I'll bring a Phonic MM1705 mixer. --j#|@

  • and the speakers? we could do cool stuff if we had a 4 channel system. --d >> I am coming by car (anybody need a ride from Rotterdam?), I could bring two small (but loud !) powered speakers and another small mixer -Gerard
  • Shall I bring my forcefeedback joystick ? (+ pd ff patches + computer) - Gerard

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