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'''Guenter Geiger''': Agnula Project, Barcelona %%% '''Thomas Musil''': IEM, Graz %%% '''IOhannes? Zmoelnig''': IEM, Graz %%% '''Johannes Taelman''': Gent %%% '''Andrei Savitsky''': hhtp, Minsk %%%

The workshop was coordinated b pdwiki Derek Holzer and Marloes de Valk, with assistance from Robert de Geus and the Art Lab of Montevideo.

While the general focus of the workshop was open source and free software for multimedia, the application we covered most was PD and GEM, installed on the platforms of Demudi Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. A general outline of the workshop looks like this:

'''DAY ONE''' %%% '''Introduction to PD''': tutorial on the basic syntax and documentation by Thomas Musil%%% '''Introduction to Demudi Linux''': overview of the different applications included by Guenter Geiger%%% '''Algorithmic and Random Improvisation''': a demonstration by Andrei Savitsky %%%

'''DAY TWO''' %%% '''Introduction to GEM''': a tutorial by IOhannes? Zmoelnig %%% '''Intermediate PD''': examples of using PD for signal processing by Thomas Musil and Andrei Savitsky%%% '''Workgroups''': audio and video projects %%%

'''DAY THREE''' %%% '''Workgroups''': audio and video projects %%% '''Networked PD''': using the netsend and netreceive objects to link artists %%% '''Hardware Hacking and Sensors''': presentation by Johannes Taelman on LinuXBox? PD, video motion sensors, SMLib?, accelerometer/joystick controls and sonar motion sensors.

'''DAY FOUR''' %%% Presentations by: %%% '''Guenter Geiger''': an overview of the free software movement %%% '''Hackitectura + fredd''': php-driven scripts interfacing via OSC with PD and PDP. %%% '''Andrei Savitsky + robertroger''': algorithmic audio and GEM visuals %%% '''Martin Dupras + Kelli Dipple''': sensor-glove interfacing with GEM-processed video %%% '''Johannes Taelman''': sonar sensor demo + LinuXBox? motion sensor installation %%%%%%Pictures from this workshop can be viewed at%%% %%%%%%

I think that we, as organizers, learned as much as the participants from this workshop. We learned a lot about how to set up such a workshop, how to teach PD, and how to engage people to take things further themselves. Part of taking things further is finding the right information, and that is what this page is all about.

Several people have already asked about resources they can use after the workshop is over, so here is a short list:

'''LINUX MULTIMEDIA''' %%% --> : Demudi, the Debian Multimedia Distribution.%%% --> : homepage of Agnula project, which is responsible for Demudi and Remudi. %%% --> : Planet CCRMA, a Redhat Linux based multimedia platform. This site contains excellent set-up tutorials. %%% --> : Turn-Key is a Mandrake Linux based multimedia platform. This site contains a few set-up tutorials. %%% --> : good reference page for almost every known Linux audio application %%% --> : Linux Audio Users Guide, also a great source of info for JACK and ALSA users. %%% --> : complete instructions for setting up Alsa and Jack from scratch (i.e. using source code). Somewhat more advanced, but very useful if you are having a hard time with the above-mentioned distributions working right "automatically", or if you want to know exactly what is happening "under the hood".%%%

'''PURE DATA + GEM WEB RESOURCES''' %%% --> : the PD page at Institute for Electronic Music Graz, where you can download PD + GEM %%% --> : The PureDataBase, a searchable archive of all the objects, abstractions and externals in PD %%% --> : the PD mailing list. I highly recommend subscribing if you plan to continue using PD. The list also is text-searchable to see if someone else has already asked about what you need to know. %%% --> : another site where PD users meet and share information. %%% --> : PD user community websites. Many of these contain very useful tutorials, externals and objects. %%% --> : follow the bleeding edge of PD and PD externals development here!%%% --> : Miller Puckette, the creator of Pure Data, is in the process of writing a book which uses PD as a method for learning all about digital audio synthesis. The first several chapters are available from his site.%%%

'''PD DOCUMENTATION''' %%% Under Demudi Linux, these files reside in /usr/lib/. Under windows, they are commonly installed directly under the C: drive path.%%% -->''/pd/doc/5.reference'' : here is where all your help files should be located. These are the files that are supposed to open when you right-click an object and look for help. If they are not in this directory, I strongly suggest you move them there! Doing a text search on the files in here might also find the object you are looking for. Remember you can click on the HELP menu on the right side of the PD window.%%% -->''/pd/doc/5.reference/Gem'' : like the help files above, this is where all the Gem objects have their help files. %%% -->''/pd/doc/5.reference/0.INTRO.txt'' : list of all objects in PD, except Gem, Zexy and Iemlib external objects %%% -->''/pd/doc/5.reference/iemhelp/'' : in this folder are the text help files 0.INTRO.txt and 7_guis-INTRO.txt, which explains some more advanced data and signal processing objects, as well as the Graphical User Interface objects in PD by Thomas Musil%%%

'''PD/OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY IN HOLLAND (+ nearby...)''%%% Hopefully many of you will want to stay in touch with each other following this workshop, and maybe even go to the PdStaminee in Gent next month. Otherwise, I will be discussing with Montevideo the possibility of informal meetings there, or at some other locations, to build up a strong local community for using PD and other open-source + free software. Also, De Waag in Amsterdam holds sessions for users of Max, PD and Keyworks every Saturday (although I must note that both Max and Keyworks do not fall under the definition of open source or free software). %%% --> : PdStaminee, a meeting of the Belgian PD users community next month in Gent. %%% --> (guy.vanbelle AT : coordinator of Anatomica sessions at De Waag. Contact him for further information. %%% --> : ASCII are a group of anarchist Linux specialists interested in info-privacy, cryptography, webstreaming, wireless networks, free radio and many other interesting activities. They run a free, public internet workspace on the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam, and hold occasional workshops on Linux and other related topics. %%%

Please see also PD.Balkania page for more info and links! %%%

Happy PDing?!%%% derek AT

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