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However in between the recent birth of my son and writing some PD externals I have managed to make some music using PD. You can find it here:

From: Joseph Zitt You can hear a recent performance I did with PD at Most of the show is unprocessed voice, but I used a PD patch on "Lead Me In". It's rather simple processing (delays and pitch shift) but it seems to have been effective.

From: Juha Vehvilšinen

I have some videos made with PD and Framestein available at in the visuals-section. The news-section will also tell of upcoming performances and exhibitions - all with Pd and Fs. If you live in Kristiansand or Berlin, check out the upcoming exhibitions we are taking part in!


From: Michal Seta

Here's my 0.02 $. Haven't posted to the list since I found out about this place... Some snippets of my own improvs using PD can be found at:%%% Enjoy.


From: jodelsatan

here a few gemshotz at, no sound. ----

From:Rbf-soft in (BARceloNA?) Live_audio_visual pd+gem in realtime.. Next developing of event,... Finding pders arond barcelona and Europe email: in process



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