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It's nice to see a Pd Wiki. I suppose this is the only Wiki about Pd? Here I'll try to collect my thoughts about Pd and other musical software and techniques if somehow related to Pd. You can also add your comments here in the comments section.

Thoughts About Pd * I've just found and downloaded an interesting Pd extension, maxlib which means '''m'''usic '''a'''nalysis e'''x'''tensions '''lib'''rary. You can get it from here: . On this page you can read: "This is a library of currently 62 (non-tilde) objects for Pure Data that can be very useful to analyse any musical performance."

Thoughts About Other Useful Music Software Common Music Music

Thoughts About This Wiki * I didn't like this wiki software. In my opinion there are better ones like e.g. OddMuse? ( ) or UseMod? Wiki ( ). Maybe it's possible to switch to one of these wiki implementations?


''I would disagree that any particular wikisoft is better than any other in that '''any''' wiki is better than no wiki. --J. Random visitor''

Related Links * If you want to meet other composers in the Composers Planet (Wiki) just visit the link which uses btw in my opinion the much better wiki engine UseMod? Wiki to which the link was given above.

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