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Pd-Berlin Users Group

by João Pais last modified 2016-07-20 01:05 PM

Pd-Berlin Users Group

After some years PD Berlin meetings are put to rest as in May 2016 and no further meetings are scheduled. We thank c-base for providing the space and network for the meetings in that time.

To get to c-base check out the nice ascii map

The address is Rungestrasse 20 in 10179 Berlin see also on openstreetmap

There is a google group for us now, you can subscribe here.

What we do

The meetings dont replace workshops (which are offered extra ;) ), scope of these meetings can be any (or none) of the following:

  • patch/project showcase
  • programming
  • work on general Pd documentation
  • help for beginners (installation, programming tips, ...)
  • or something else you want to do ...

Just come along, bring your laptop and sit down with us.The bar is open during the meetings. Necessary prerequisites are only a computer and good mood. If Pd isn't on it, we'll download and install it.


There is now a GOOGLE GROUP for us. Sign up to get news, discuss, etc. You don't need a google mail account. Also sharing patches on hotglue:

Themes & Announcements

If you are an experienced Pd user and can/want to speak about some special topic, put here your name and your sugestions. If you're in a hurry to talk about them, write down when you're willing to do it.

  • Malte Steiner
    • enhancing the Restlichtverstärker stepsequencer with new synthesizers and modes, combining it with GEM visualization
    • combining Processing and PureData to create new control surfaces, which also can run on Android devices
  • João Pais
    • jmmmp abstractions: functions, commentaries on design, usability, documentation, ...
    • Pd-related report from laptop trio Endphase : approaches to control, programming, panning, documentation, ...
    • data structures, and some personal uses
    • Click Tracker, a patch to create click tracks of any complexity for contemporary music
  • Derek Holzer
  • urban - mixer-abstractions, reverb algorithms, soldering-fun, c programming, music theory kosmetikradio
  • you
    • your sugestions

If you are new to Pd and have questions about something or would like to see a topic being developed, put here your name and your suggestions. Maybe someone might have some words on it next time.

  • Penko
    • interested in use with sensors, granular synthesis and modular synthezizers...
    • not interested (at the moment) on graphix or video (because I am beginner in Pd)
  • Jesse Scott
    • data parsing, using large data sets to drive visualization and sonicization (for installation and performance)
    • Pd on Android and iOs for locative projects
  • Roberto Nocci (I'm a C++ developer based in Berlin with long term experience in Csound and Supercollider).
    • I'm developing an alternative UI for the traditional Vanilla GUI elements based upon a customized default font with a different color managing (HSV instead RGB). It works simply installing the modified font and start PD via commandline (or shell script).
    • I'm also working on an external that provide Random Seeds (hex) based on irrational numbers and a solid MIDI clock sync to allow a "reliable" interfacing with any clock source.

      IMPORTANT: If someone is interested please contact me privately tato-at-phresa-dot-com

  • you
    • your suggestions

Pd Convention 2011 - Weimar + Berlin

Main website

Berlin Weekend

Technical setup

NK has at our disposal a big table, electric plugs, a soundcraft mixer (jack line ins), a stereo PA and a beamer.

We would like to thank the support and willingness of NK in the organization of these events.

Pd-Berlin Archive

Here you can find a small report of our past meetings.

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