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Patches by our site members are collected here. Want to see some examples of what is possible with Pd? Check out these works.
dyncatch~ by Paulo — last modified 2009-08-02 03:41 AM
dynthrow~ and dyncatch~ Works like throw~ and catch~ but allows one throw~ to send to more than one catch~
froglaw ( Departures 2008) by Peter West — last modified 2010-04-26 05:12 PM
This page contains information about The live video manipulation patches I have Constructed within PD utalizing GEM and PDP
Departures by Peter West — last modified 2010-06-07 02:59 PM
A realtime Video manipulation And motion to sound Patches
paresys by Gerard Paresys — last modified 2009-01-15 05:30 PM
The Modal Object Library by V.J. Manzo — last modified 2009-04-16 09:49 PM
The Modal Object Library is a collection of algorithms to control and define modality created by V.J. Manzo. The first objects were written for Max/MSP in 2006 and became the basis of many of my algorithmic compositions and interactive music systems including the EAMIR project. I have since expanded the library and ported some objects to other languages including LISP and Pure Data.
Kishin by Bastien PELLETIER — last modified 2009-02-12 04:10 PM
Page d'accueil du dossier contenant les objets crées ou collectés par Kishin
Cellular Automata by Alvaro Ortiz — last modified 2009-04-10 04:48 PM
A PureData implementation of some cellular automata
Background 1 by Giovanni Dettori — last modified 2010-03-07 06:25 PM
This patch makes automatic music that responds to the amplitude signal received by a microphone (for example the built-in microphone of a laptop). The music produced by this patch is good for meditating or simply relaxing.
Particlechamber.pd by derek holzer — last modified 2009-03-06 11:49 AM
Particlechamber is a 32-voice asynchronous granular synthesizer for real-time transformation of a soundfile. It is loosely based on the famous Travelizer instrument from Reaktor 3, however I think it's much better because it is FREE! This abstraction can be used to time-stretch or -compress a soundfile, although there are other tools [such as Frank Barknecht's Synchgrain object] which do this "nicer", but it's main strength is in generating clouds of sonic particles, time-scrambling a file, or creating abstract textures. If one does a bit of reverse engineering, it can also be used as a tool for learning about the techniques of granular synthesis. See a screenshot here:
Kaos Tools by derek holzer — last modified 2007-05-06 08:47 PM
A few abstractions to get the most out of your Kaos Pad under PD. Send 32 different pairs of controller numbers, switchable with the Program Change knob on your hardware, and customize a named canvas which displays the current parameters being changed.
Samplemapper: a soundfile management system by derek holzer — last modified 2007-05-06 08:47 PM
Samplemapper is a soundfile management system for Pure Data which uses Krzysztof Czaja's Cyclone library to store and recall samples by filename. The [samplemapper] abstraction provides a convenient GUI for storing up to 32 soundfiles in tables. The [mapreader] abstraction provides a simple and fast method for selecting samples by filename. The zip file also includes a very basic example sampler "client", called [ex-sampler].
mtl by mtl — last modified 2011-01-13 10:49 AM
mtl is a group of abstractions that make Pure Data a lot easier!
pmcnameeking by patrick mcnameeking — last modified 2010-06-04 06:15 PM
Evil Acid Lizzard by patrick mcnameeking — last modified 2010-05-31 10:34 PM
Here's an instrument that I'm working on in Pd. The idea was to make something specifically for creating acid music (think AFX/Cylob etc...). Inside the file is a description of all the functions. I'm almost done making a map for use with the Novation Remote-SL. The file for that will be up soon. Send me an email at if you want. I'd love to hear suggestions for improving this as well as improvements that you might make! Requires: Zexy Cyclone
jeromeabel by Jérôme Abel — last modified 2011-11-28 07:49 PM
I'm a french multimedia artist. I design interactive pieces and applications in a critical and funny way.
stereodoppler.pd by Øystein Kapperud — last modified 2012-07-03 04:12 PM
A Pure Data patch simulating the Doppler effect in stereo for a moving observer or sound source
Metronome by Črt Remic — last modified 2012-12-13 11:46 AM
Hi, just started with PD and am thrilled about it. I've finished my first serious patch. It's a metronome with assigned key functions. It would be great if have time to check it out, comment the patch, if you think I could do something less complicated,....
Pure Data DAW by sukjin jang — last modified 2013-03-04 02:57 PM
ponyoMixer by vitaminx — last modified 2013-03-26 09:42 AM
A complete 4-channel mixer with volume, panning, presets, mute and solo functions. For details see:
ponyoTimer by vitaminx — last modified 2013-03-26 09:41 AM
Timer with LFO and random functions. For details see:

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