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DeckSpace, Greenwitch is a good option, we have a number of computers here running pure:dyne. There is a communal space where we could seat 8 around a table and a number of p:d workstations. I reckon this would be good for small get togethers on a regular basis rather than a big wham-bam noisy affair. a place for quiet patching, discussion and presentations. Not suiitable for gig type things.

max capacity: 8 - 12


  • open wireless and wired network connections
  • a couple of workstations runing pure:dyne - pure data
  • meeting room - with large table.



I think if its going to be a big thing errordevelopers place is better.

Anyone interested in attending regular (monthly?) patching sessions please sign up here:



Date: 25/01/2009


Confirmed Attendees

Rob Canning ( - robcanning{at}eircom{dot}net )

Conor Curran ( - forward{at}forwind{dot}net)

Chris McCormick? ( - chrism{at}mccormick{dot}cx )

Ilya Dmitrichenko ( errordeveloper{at}gmail{dot}com )

rob munro (rob a robmunro dt net)

Ryan Jordan (ryan-jordan{at}hotmail{dot}co{dot}uk)

Robert Atwood (robert atwood org uk ) + Stephanie may observe for a bit


regularity .. --errordeveloper, Mon, 19 Jan 2009 05:29:21 +0100 reply
monthly is good, but once in a blue m00n is better ;0

may be something like every 6 weeks will be right? it's in between monthly and bi-monthly :]

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