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weimar 2011

by nix last modified 2012-03-07 04:14 PM

Fourth International Pure Data Convention

The website of the convention is available at

Pure Data Convention 2011 – A festival of programmed music and art

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The Pure Data convention is an event where users and developers of the open-source programming environment Pure Data meet, discuss and present their research and artworks. It consists of

  • A Conference program with peer-reviewed paper presentations
  • Workshops for in-depth instructions from professionals aimed at interested beginners, ambitioned users and specialists.
  • Concerts and Performances with music made with Pure Data
  • An Exhibition of artworks and installations


The convention took place in Weimar, Germany from August 8th to 12th and continued in Berlin the 13th and 14th. After Graz (2004), Montréal (2007) and São Paulo (2009) it has been the fourth installment of this event. More than 140 participants from 26 countries were registered. The close collaboration between Bauhaus-University and Music Academy Franz Liszt where computer science, music, media-arts and media-culture meet creates the perfect environment. Weimar is a small city with 65.000 inhabitants but many venues and places of interest. It is small enough not to get lost or to loose much time in transportation from one place to another.


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