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(Stuttgart, Germany)


"Der Gestus des Fließens": Pure Data as control software for an interactive space installation


Suite for Laptop and prepared DJ Setup


  • since 2002 studies in physics and computer sciences at the Universities of Tübingen and Stuttgart
  • since 2003 courses in computer music at the Music Conversatory in Stuttgart
  • since 2004 employed at the Institute of Fine Arts and Media 2, University of Stuttgart
  • developer of some externals for flext/pd (tbext, sc4pd, xvalue, volctl~) and extensions for some internals (threaded soundfiler, fftw)

Musical Bio

  • since 2002 working in the field of electronic music with pure data on a linux system
  • performances with improvising musicians like assif tsahar, patrick mayran, christian eremia, andrew sharpley, goh lee kwang and others
  • since 2004 curator of the concerts "Plattform für freie Musik" at the media arts gallery fluctuating images
  • founder of the cdr label moka bar records

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