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  Either a workshop or a lecture (or both) on prototyping with and for PD, and the role of reactive realtime software as tool for design and thought. Reflection on the way, PD is used and the effects, that patcher languages have on the way we work with computers. Survey of how different people act when constructing a patch. Development of methods and processes that ease teaching and understanding of the process of working with PD. Although this sounds very theoretical, it is a very practical issue.

  Keywords: Design Theory, Activity Theory, Doing for the sake of Knowing, Prototyping.


  As a studied computer scientist (Vienna University of Technology), Martin Pichlmair is currently interested in media, design and interaction theory and their practical application. He is currently working on his doctoral thesis on emotions and design, as well as teaching at the Vienna University of Technology. Art projects of the last years include installations, talking boots and critical art productions on privacy and media issues. He has done several exhibition in several countries. Concerning PD, he contributed a neglectable bunch of externals and some contributions to those of others. Other interests include evolutionary biology, epistemology, computer game theory and design theory and cooking. Sometimes he links very strange hardware to PD.

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