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 The following Users/Developers are attending the convention:

 FrankBarknecht (Cologne, DE)

 TimBlechmann (Stuttgart. DE)

 MathieuBouchard (Montreal, CA)

 RamiroCosentino (Barcelona, ES)

 KrzysztofCzaja (PL)

 YvesDegoyon (Barcelona, ES)

 ChristopherFrauenberger (Graz, AT)

 GuentherGeiger (Barcelona, ES)

 LluisGomez i Bigorda (Barcelona, ES)

 ThomasGrill (Vienna, AT)

 CyrilleHenry (Paris, FR)

 BryanJurish (Potsdam, DE)

 ThomasMusil (Graz, AT)

 MartinPichlmair (Vienna, AT)

 MillerPuckette (San Diego, US)

 WinfriedRitsch (Graz, AT)

 AndreySavitsky (Minsk, BY)

 TomSchouten (Leuven, BE)
 [Hans-Christoph Steiner] (Brooklyn, US)   

 JamesTittle (Louisville, US)
 [IOhannes M Zmölnig] (Graz,AT)

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