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... --geiger, Mon, 30 Aug 2004 18:50:37 +0200 reply

1) Installing Pd on your microoven -------------------------------

This presentation show the state of the Pd port to machines with fixed point only arithmetic unit. It will give an overview about what is possible and where the limitations of such a device lie. I am going to talk about the main pitfalls when doing the port, the reusability of the changes that had to be made. I will show some realtime sound processing on a Sharp Zaurus PDA.

The reactable - a new musical instrument with a Pd backend ----------------------------------------------------------

I am going to present the reacTable, a new electronic instrument. The reacTable is a table based instrument, where real world objects are used to represent sound pro cessing units. These units can be connected together in order to build a sound processing framework and the objects are at the same time used to control this sound processing. For fast prototypeing of the synthesis engine we used Pd. I am going to do a demo of the portable version of the reactable and I will explain how the backend is implemented.

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