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  [Schedule] click here to see the schedule of all events (lectures, concerts,...)

<b> Lectures, Papers und Presentations </b>

  "Lecture and Presentation Material":lectures here you can find all the papers and presentation material

<b> Artistic Works </b>

  A lot of concerts and art installations were shown during the convention.

  Here is some information about them:



<b> Coding Sprint </b>

  What is a CodingSprint ?

  CodingSprintThemes is the place to propose for and join a codingsprint group.

<b> [Chronik] </b>

  "Was taeglich so passiert ist, mit Bilder! - What already happend, with pictures!":

More pictures:<br>
"Mon Sep 27th":
"Tue Sep 28th":
"Wed Sep 29th":
"Thu Sep 30th":
"Fri Oct 01st":
"Sat Oct 02nd":
"Sun Oct 03rd":

pictures by Sven Guckes
(and some by Tacto Mase, Franz Xaver, and Alexandre Castonguay)






  for "PD-Beginners Workshop":Register

 General Infos & Downloads: 

 [Infodesk], [Locations], [Citymap]-gif

 [Schedule].pdf .doc .sxw



 [Festival Products]


 Except the PD-Beginners Workshop all Events are <b>FREE / donations encouraged!</b>



<b>Cooperation Partner</b>



 Competenz Centrum / ESC / - Verein zur Förderung von Netzwerkkunst 
 /  Medienkunstlabor / IEM-Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik / Ges_FEMA-Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Elektronischer Musik und Akustik / Institut für Musikwissenschaft / Grelle Musik / KIG / Postgarage / SUB Graz / Thienfeld 


 Musik Hammer Graz


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