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''RRADical - Reusable And Rapid Application Development in Pd''

RRADical Pd is a project to create a collection of Pd patches, that make Pd easier and faster to use for people who are more comfortable with commercial software like Reason(tm) or Reaktor(tm). RRAD as an acronym stands for "Reusable and Rapid Application Development" with Pd. In the design of this system, a way to save state flexibly in Pd (persistence) had to be developed. For communication among each other the RRADical patches integrate the Open Sound Control protocol. Also see


''GUI Programming with Pd Data Structures''

This workshop will serve as an introduction to the features Pd offers to build custom GUIs?. It will focus on an introduction to doing vector graphics interfaces using Pd's Data Structures.

Note that GEM, PDP or similar extensions to Pd are not part of this workshop.


I offer to do a concert of about 30 minutes playing some of my tracks which could qualify as "lounge music for punks". Please don't put me into a concert room with chairs.


Open source developer, sound artist and the creator of the End-User Abstractions project (RRADical PD, Reusable and Rapid Audio /ApplicationDevelopment?) which makes it possible to learn using Pd in a top-down way, making PD more accessible and open.

Non-Pd Bio:

  • Physics studies at University Cologne
  • editor and writer for public radio station DeutschlandRadio
  • technical journalist with publications in c't magazine
  • radio feature on Linux Audio Software

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