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If you have questions, complaints, ... please do not hesitate to contact:
Bei Fragen, Beschwerden, ... kontaktiere bitte:


Reni Hofmueller ++43-0676-4303585 (ESC-programme)

Andrea Speetgens ++43-0699-12698299 (ESC-orga)

Office ESC ++43-316-836000

Michi Pinter ++43-316-821451-33

Other Contacts

Franz Xaver +43-676-548.37.06 MKL boss

Sven Guckes +43-676-365.27.66 MKL helper ICQ:38801898

Peter Plessas +43-650-350.74.75 pd-comitee

Ales Zemene +43-676-95.73.397 CC

Florian Hollerweger +43-650.94.86.530 pd-comitee

more ino see Locations

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