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Coding Sprint on Fr. 1.Okt.2004 IEM Graz

How to propose a Theme ?

  1. Think what is urgent to be solved and who can you involve
  2. Propose the Theme under CodingSprintThemes: using a Wiki name beginning with "CSpd " (eg. [CSpd Example Theme ], see below in edit view) and please use structured text its easy ... see StructuredTextHelp


  • any type problem ...
  • list processing
  • symbol forming ...

    best way to do... using concat

  • configure....
  • cvs handling and acceptance...
    • branch concept...
    • submission concept ...
  • Packaging Windows, OS-X, Lin...
    • audio dependencies
  • common audio settings
    • file hierachie for audiosettings

      first /etc/pd.conf , then .xxx, then file

  • RRADical Lifestyle

    I propose to sprint for creating loads of new RRADical patches and maybe brainstorm some new directions RRADical could take. I would explain the current way RRADical patches are laid out, give a short introduction on what's already there and how to create new patches, then it's patch on!

    -- FrankBarknecht

  • CSpd DSP stuff
    • Try to find a way to create DSP objects in a click-free manner, perhaps by splitting up the DSP chain into multiple parts.
    • Try out if late ncy (using Portaudio drivers) can be lowered using callback-based operation.
    Tim Blechmann
  • CSpd Gridflow Install Process
    • Gridflow seems to be a really powerful extension that many people are interested in, unfortunately the installation process on windows or osX is horrible.
    • i therefore propose to think about the coordination of developers/testers using gridflow on multiple OSes?, update matju's site to provide binary distributions of this external
  • CSpd Pd installers, organisation and layout on Apple's OS X

    One hour discussion, perhaps later that day.

    The way pd is installed on OS X has changed during the last years, some double-clickable installers have been created, more features have been included. I wish to do a 1h discussion with everyone using/developing pd on OS X, to determine the useful features, compatibility to "normal" unix installations, and what the user should be able to see/change on the recent OSX installers.

    moderator -=- Peter Plessas

    members --

  • [ CSpd Multiface,OSX,PD ]?
    • Identify and fix bug: PD currently ignores sample rate setting and always uses 96 kHz. Perhaps related to Portaudio.
  • CSpd Tooltips for pd-0.38
    • Creating a patch of günter geiger's tooltips for pd 0.38
    Günter Geiger, Tim Blechmann

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