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From a forum:

  What's a coding sprint? 

   It's an event loosely inspired by extreme programming, where a number of 
  developers get together for a few days of intense pair programming on a 
  common project. The first time I heard of sprints was from Zope Corporation's 
  Jim Fulton, who's been using sprints successfully for the Zope 3 project; 
  maybe he invented the word. Coding sprint certainly sounds better than coding 

We think coding sprint a time slot where developers can meet in groups and discuss draft and test future development of PD and PD modules and/or Patches.

How to code sprint ?

The final concept about will be discussed on Monday when the Con Programm is discussed in generally. Since this is a Convention, we respond to opinions of poeple joining the Convention. But here a rough Idea.

Finding projects to sprint ...

First the major Ideas which arises from the presentations and lectures will be collected mostly in a wiki. Then people can comment these and see which are the most urgent topics to develop.

( Colletion of Ideas, Themes should be in one place, were maybe we should make a forum with each theme an thread or a wiki, think wiki is more cool because also things can be removed if not working out.... will be anounced here)

Forming groups to sprint ...

On Friday each theme will be introduced as abstract (max. 5 min) and leading people for that will be anounced. After that groups can be joined, but shouldnt be too large.

Sprinting ...

Groups will find togehter to do the sprint

  • Collecting Ideas what should be done
  • Showing ways how it could/should be done
  • making drafts oft rough consesus how to do this or what should be tested
  • making tests and rough implementations
  • doing a summary on this work
  • after that when heads are hot we cool it down with discussion and afterwards loud music at the friday concert.

Presenting ...

  • Summaries will be presented on Saturday
  • Poeple who will work on details on that will be find togehter to groups.. for implementing it online the time after the PD Convention.
  • Disucussion of the failure or sucess of sprints will be done
  • future sprints will be fixed, maybe done online on irc or so...

Please log in and comment this since this are experimental assumptions.

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