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by Peter Plessas last modified 2007-05-06 07:17 PM

Bringing a part of the pd community together, see who was there!

Pd Users and Developers

Frank Barknecht (Cologne, DE)

Tim Blechmann (Stuttgart. DE)

Mathieu Bouchard (Montreal, CA)

Ramiro Cosentino (Barcelona, ES)

Krzysztof Czaja (PL)

Yves Degoyon (Barcelona, ES)

Christopher Frauenberger (Graz, AT)

Guenther Geiger (Barcelona, ES)

Lluis Gomez i Bigorda (Barcelona, ES)

Thomas Grill (Vienna, AT)

Cyrille Henry (Paris, FR)

Damien Henry (Paris, FR)

Bryan Jurish (Potsdam, DE)

Thomas Musil (Graz, AT)

Martin Pichlmair (Vienna, AT)

Miller Puckette (San Diego, US)

Winfried Ritsch (Graz, AT)

Andrey Savitsky (Minsk, BY)

Tom Schouten (Leuven, BE)

Hans-Christoph Steiner (Brooklyn, US)

James Tittle (Louisville, US)

IOhannes M Zmölnig (Graz,AT)


Christa Benzer (AT)

Reinhard Braun (Graz, AT)

Katharina Gsoellpointner (Vienna, AT)

Jürgen Hofbauer (Vienna, AT)

Christian Hoeller (AT)

Werner Jauk (Graz, AT)

Dunja Kukovec (Ljubljana, SLO)

Verena Kuni (Frankurt am Main/Basel, GER/CH)

Andrea Mayr (AT)

Armin Medosch (London, UK)

Elke Murlasits (Graz, AT)

Marc Ries (AT)

Christian Scheib (Vienna, AT)

Susanne Schmidt (Berlin, GER)

Roland Schoeny (Linz, AT)

Harald Wiltsche (Graz, AT)

Artists and others

Alexandre Castonguay (Quebec, CA)

Miha Ciglar (Graz, AT)

Dagmar Eberhardt (Graz, AT)

Michael Moser (Vienna, AT)

(maybe uncomplete)

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