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by Peter Plessas last modified 2007-05-06 07:28 PM

How the idea was born

Pure Data Convention, Sept./Oct. 2004, Graz Austria

The Idea


Let's bring some of the Pd people together!

This was the main idea behind organizing such an event. The community of Pd users and developers mainly exists online, in the mailing list and on webpages. This allows contact from people regardless of their geographical location. In the successful history of Pd development and application, there has never been an official meeting such as this convention. We thought is was time...

The city of Graz has a broad tradition in the development and exploration of new directions in contemporary art. Thanks to the encouraging combination of performance, production, and development of art in Graz, a lively artistic scene in the city is dealing with current developments in technology and the arts. Graz is also the home of the IEM (Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, University of Music and Dramatic Arts), where Pd is actively supported and developed. This combination of an scientific and artistic approach in a single city made Graz a perfect spot for the event. Furthermore it is the home of the people who were organizing the convention.

In the beginning, the loose team of the "Pd Stammtisch Graz" was meeting at unregular intervals to discuss Pd and it's applications, and organized its first Pd-focused event in june 2003: "create/destroy"[1]

After Reni Hofmueller of ESC has been to a visit in Barcelona, where she met some Pd users, she and Michael Pinter of reMI expressed the idea of organizing a Pd developer meeting in Graz. After some discussion with the other people of the "Stammtisch", it was clear that the meeting should be held as a bigger convention, not only focussing on the development, but also on arts and on the community itself.

This desicion was made approximately 8 months prior to the scheduled date. Although this was not very much time to organize such an event, the coorporation and personal devotion of many organisations and individuals has allowed this idea to grow into a successful convention.

See orginal concept.

The convention's goals

  • Allow people who have contact via email for several years (sometimes daily) to meet in person.
  • Share knowledge in lectures, workshops and presentations
  • Present the broad spectrum of art that is created with Pd, and allow the artists to meet.
  • Give a "face" to the community
  • Contribute to the collective development of such a wonderful piece of work: Pure Data

The Team

Core Team: Reni Hofmueller, Michael Pinter, Franz Xaver, Winfried Ritsch, IOhannes Zmoelnig, Peter Plessas,...

see the complete credit list.


ESC [2]

IEM - Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics [3]

Kunstlabor [4] [5]

with further support from:

Ges_FEMA-Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Elektronischer Musik und Akustik

Institut für Musikwissenschaft/University of Graz




Werkstadt Graz - Restaurant Teranga


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