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by Peter Plessas last modified 2007-05-06 07:17 PM

Hearing puredata

This is a listing of all the concerts, audio files for your listening pleasure will be added later

The sheer amount of concerts already looks like a music festival schedule :-)


  • Ambisonic Examples - Thomas Musil (lunch concert, Cube)
  • chdh - Cyrille Henry and Damien Henry (evening concert, MKL)
  • This is POP - Miha Ciglar (evening concert, MKL)


  • "Mute And Continue" - Florian Hollerweger (lunch concert, Cube)
  • "(100^2)" - Florian Hollerweger (lunch concert, Cube)
  • "att at cube/acoustical table tennis" - Georg Holzmann (lunch concert, Cube)
  • "PDa" - Guenter Geiger and IOhannes Zmoelnig (evening concert, Thienfeld)
  • "Frank&Tom" - Frank Barknecht and Tom Schouten (evening concert, Thienfeld)


  • "The Purple Haired Kitchen Experiment" - TomSchouten (lunch concert, Cube)
  • "suite for laptop and prepared dj setup" TimBlechmann (evening concert, MKL)
  • "The Aesthetics Of Our Anger" - d.R.e.G.S./r1 / (evening concert, Postgarage)
  • "The open PD Jam-Session" - everybody (evening concert, Postgarage)


  • "Think Tools for Revolution" Interconnection Riga/Barcelona/Graz (streaming event, MKL)
  • "hhtp" - AndreySavitsky (evening concert, MKL)
  • "Nigh unto incessant live-generated synthetic chatter converging to chaos" - BryanJurish (evening concert, Sub)
  • "Sinus" - IOhannes M Zmoelnig (evening concert, Sub)
  • "Worm" - DJ Chew Z & VJ luX (evening concert, Sub)


  • "corrosion" - ThomasGrill, MartinPichlmair (lunch concert, Cube)
  • "Konzert fuer Cello und Computer" - WinfriedRitsch, Michael Moser (evening concert, Cube)
  • "Automata Inak S.I." - reMI + ThomasMusil (evening concert, Cube)


  • "e.jauk" (evening concert hosted by Sonntags Abstrakt, PPC)
  • "hhtp" - AndreySavitsky (evening concert hosted by Sonntags Abstrakt, PPC)

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