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Coding Sprint

by Peter Plessas last modified 2007-05-06 07:17 PM

An afternoon of collaborative computer programming

The Pd-Convention Coding Sprint was held at friday afternoon at the IEM, the results were presented at saturday lunch.

The topics were:

  • RRADical Lifestyle
  • DSP stuff
  • Gridflow Install Process
  • Pd installers, organisation and layout on Apple's OS X
  • Multiface,OSX,PD
  • Tooltips for pd-0.38

more about the topics

What's a coding sprint?

It's an event loosely inspired by extreme programming, where a number of developers get together for a few days of intense pair programming on a common project. The first time I heard of sprints was from Zope Corporation's Jim Fulton, who's been using sprints successfully for the Zope 3 project; maybe he invented the word. Coding sprint certainly sounds better than coding marathon!

more about the concept...

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