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Pure Data

by Miller Puckette last modified 2016-08-11 11:42 AM
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Pure Data is the main/vanilla distribution chiefly maintained by Miller Puckette. As of 0.47, Pd Vanilla includes the Deken built-in library manager for easy access to community-developed external libraries that expand the capabilities of Pd such as Cyclone, Zexy, and the computer graphics library Gem.

Other distributions: Pd-L2ork (Linux, but coming soon to Windows/Mac) is a fork of Pd with a revamped GUI and includes many external libraries already installed.

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What is Pure Data?

Pure Data (aka Pd) is an open source visual programming language that can run on anything from personal computers and Raspberry Pis to smartphones (via libpd, pddroidparty, and Rjdj). Pd enables musicians, visual artists, performers, researchers, and developers to create software graphically without writing lines of code. Pd is used to process and generate sound, video, 2D/3D graphics, and interface sensors, input devices, and MIDI. Pd can easily work over local and remote networks to integrate wearable technology, motor systems, lighting rigs, and other equipment. Pd is suitable for learning basic multimedia processing and visual programming methods as well as for realizing complex systems for large-scale projects.

Algorithmic functions are represented in Pd by visual boxes called objects placed within a patching window called a canvas. Data flow between objects are achieved through visual connectors called cords. Each object performs a specific task, which can vary in complexity from very low-level mathematical operations to complicated audio or video functions such as reverberation, FFT transformations, or video decoding. Objects include core Pd vanilla objects, external objects or externals (Pd objects compiled from C or C++), and abstractions (Pd objects written with other Pd objects).

Pd is a major branch of the family of patcher programming languages known as Max (Max/FTS, ISPW Max, Max/MSP, jMax, DesireData, etc.), originally developed by Miller Puckette at IRCAM. Pd was created to further the Max paradigm by extending data processing to applications other than audio and MIDI, such as real-time video and web interaction.

This site is a contribution of the IEM to the Pd community. Everybody using Pd is welcome to join and write/contribute some documentation, reports, news, announcing events and add comments. The site is run on a Linux server with Zope / CMF / Plone and administrated and driven by the Pd community.

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